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(12 mths to 18 mths approx.)

All babies are catered for in our specially designed baby unit with play, sleeping and changing areas.   There is a very high ratio of staff to babies allowing us to provide the personal level of care that all babies require at this time with plenty of cuddles. All babies sleep as they wish, in consultation with the parents, safely monitored at all times. 


Prior to starting with us the parent fills out a Care Schedule for the baby.  This covers areas such as feeding and sleeping routine, soothing pattern, diet, play favourites, etc.  This enables us to ensure that the transition from home to crèche goes smoothly and helps us to understand your baby and their individual needs. 


During the settling in period, which is so important, the parent is encouraged to spend time with the baby and staff in the room ensuring that we all get to know each other and work well together. A well planned and relaxed settling in period ensures a relaxed and settled baby.


All of our babies take part in a weekly programme of activities, displayed on the baby room notice board, which enables parents to be fully involved in their baby’s world. These activities follow a different theme each week based on infant massage, stretching, rolling and climbing time, music relaxation, singing, story time, art and craft, messy play, sensory toys, baby signing, etc.  Weather permitting the babies also spend a part of their day in the garden, in their own exclusive area, safely enjoying the fresh air and exploring their world.


Progression to the Toddler Room, and indeed other room changes, will be based on the needs of the child and always in consultation with parents as all children develop at their own pace and it is very important that they are not rushed to move on or kept in a room when they are ready for new experiences and challenges.


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086 8644145 

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