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(4 to 13 years.)

Our very successful club is now in operation for 9 years and has proved very popular with children and parents.  Already children have moved from our Montessori Group or joined us from other places and moved onto secondary school 8 years later.  This means for parents that children can start with us as babies, toddlers or Montessori and stay right with us from 6 mths to 12/13 years. Such continuity of care we believe is unique to our service.  


Our focus is not just on occupying the children but providing a fun environment with many activities chosen by the children which they love attending each day.  They all love to travel to and from school on ‘Big Charlie’ bus driven by Rita the principal and great fun is had by all listening to the latest CD’s currently Now Music 87 and having lovely conversations.  We currently drop and collect from 8 local schools and also facilitate children who wish to attend other pre-schools on our service.


Child may arrive from 7.30am have breakfast, play and relax and then travel to school on our buses.


On returning from school, following lunch and homework a fun programme is planned each week.  There is also plenty of time for free play and relaxation.  As with our other age groups the weekly theme is displayed for parents and children to enjoy the excitement and discuss after club.  


We believe that the afternoon, following a busy morning in school, should be a fun easy time for free play and socialisation.  Many prepared activities both group and personal are offered to the children but the children choose how they wish to spend their leisure time.  The children take part in planning the activities, helping with lunch and snack time and preparing and cleaning up after activities. We believe that the children enjoy being given responsibility and treated with respect. 


The club is open all year round during mid-term breaks and holidays and extra fun activities are planned during breaks when the children have more time to enjoy the fun.  We go swimming weekly and also have a special outing each week connected with our weekly theme.  The children really enjoy holiday time and parents are free to  continue with their day happy with the knowledge that their children are happily engaged in the world exploring!!


We also frequent the beach, playgrounds, library, woods, nature walks, etc daily.    The children love attending Breakfast and Afterschool Club.


We also facilitate late collections from schools so that the children may enjoy afterschool activities in their own school.  During the holidays, notice being given, we can arrange for children to be dropped and collected from summer camps such as GAA, Rugby, Tennis Club, etc. Children may also be dropped to and collected from birthday parties when notice is given.


All in all we provide a club that takes care of all the childrens’ and parents needs’, relaxed, fun, engaging and flexible!!



Give us a call:

086 8644145 

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