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(2 ½ to 5 years approx.)

Montessori is a comprehensive educational approach from birth to adulthood based on the observation of a child’s needs.


The Montessori environment, carefully prepared by our trained teachers, contains specially designed manipulative material for development which invites the child to engage in learning activities of their own individual choice and at their own pace.


Under the guidance of our highly trained teachers the children in our Montessori Room learn by making discoveries with the materials, while cultivating concentration, self-motivation, self-discipline and a true love and joy of learning for life.


In the calm and ordered space of the prepared Montessori Room the children experience a true sense of freedom and self-discipline in a place specifically designed to meet their educational and development needs.


Dr. Maria Montessori believed that children from birth to approximately six years of age possess limitless motivation to achieve skills within their environment and to perfect that  skill and understanding. 


Our bright, beautiful, fully equipped Montessori Room provides a rich educational experience for all our children. 


The children are gently guided through various subjects using the Montessori materials.  The concrete materials give the child confidence and a sound understanding of the concept.  The children as discussed earlier work at their own pace and with no feeling of competition as each child is following their own interest.


Some of the subjects that the Montessori children cover are language, mathematics, Irish, history, geography, science, nature, art and music.


The children similar to the Baby Room and Toddler Room have a weekly theme of activities, again displayed for parents, covering songs, art, story time, playtime, dress-up, puzzle time, colours, numbers, phonics, etc. all built around the weekly theme.  This gives the children plenty of learning opportunities and so much fun.  Outings are also arranged several times a year to venues which complement the weekly theme.


Garden time and outdoor fun is also, similar to our other rooms, very much a part of their day, regardless of the weather due to our all weather safety surface.  The weekly theme is also brought  into the garden to the  joy of the children where they play group games and also take part in our PE programme, Buntus,  where they develop early co-ordination skills, balance, turn taking, following game rules  and a joy of  movement. 


After all this fun the children enjoy group meal times where there is an opportunity for staff and children to review the fun.  Many of the Montessori children do not require a nap time but should staff and parents feel that they would benefit from one this can be easily arranged.   After lunch the fun begins again!!



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