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(18 mths to 2 1/5 years  approx.)

Our Toddler Room is a very busy fun place.  The children are moving around and exploring their world.  They are delighted with their new skills and graduation from the Baby Room.  They are very excited to try new things, climbing, seeking, searching and all the time making new friends and learning new skills and information.  We believe that nutrition and exercise with plenty of outdoor time is very important for this group. 


The children are given plenty of opportunity to learn and play at this stage of development.  Similar to the Baby Room, but more detailed, the children have a weekly theme, again displayed for parents, covering songs, art, story time, playtime, dress-up, puzzle time, colours, numbers, etc. all built around the weekly theme.  This gives the children plenty of learning opportunities and so much fun.


Garden time and outdoor fun is very much a part of their day, regardless of the weather due to our all weather safety surface and outdoor all weather wear.  The weekly theme is also brought  into the garden to the  joy of the children where they play group games and also take part in our PE programme where they develop early co-ordination skills, balance, turn taking and a love of  movement. 


After all this fun the children enjoy group meal times where there is an opportunity for staff and children to review the fun prior to a well deserved nap time!! After lunch the fun begins again!!



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